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Workers Compensation for Employees

Getting injured at work has serious implications for you, your family and your employer. We treat every injured worker as we would like our own family members treated – with dignity, respect, empathy and compassion. We understand that it is a very trying experience, and at times very frustrating dealing with an injury, that is why we will always provide you with the best care possible time after time, no matter how many visits you make.

At the Spine Institute of Central Florida, we fully understand the life changes that occur after an injury at work. We are ready to treat your workplace injury so you can return to work as safely and promptly as possible.

Through our advanced non-surgical treatment regimens and state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgical techniques, our patients are able to return to work in weeks, not months.

Your physician will complete a form DWC-25 Uniform Medical Treatment/Status Report Form after each visit. You will be given a copy of this form, which will also include details of any limitations imposed on your duties at work. A copy of it will also be forwarded to your insurance company. Your employer will receive our recommendations relating to any imposed work restrictions or modifications.

According to Florida law, after sustaining an on-the-job injury, you are entitled to receive medical and surgical treatment at no expense to you relating to your workplace injury. Also, you have a right to a second opinion.

At the Spine Institute of Central Florida, you are never just a number. We work at getting you back to work and back to what you enjoy doing. We take pride in being the best in what we do. If you have any questions about your neck or back injury, or you would like a second opinion regarding your injury, call us at 863-866-3030. Or download, print, complete and then fax the Workers’Compensation Appointment Request Form to 863-688-4430.

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